Smart Home Security

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Smart Home Security

Intelligent security systems are becoming more and more popular.  They are considerably easier to install than conventional security systems, while giving so much more.

Smart Home Security solutions from Y-Property give you the peace of mind that your property is always visible to you, on your phone.  You can control the cameras, lights and sounds to firstly deter any intruders, then let them know you’re watching, by speaking over your mobile phone.

Home Hubs

Home Hubs are the center of your home security system.  This device will take your voice commands and control as many devices as you have in your network.  You’ve probably heard of Amazon’s Echo and Google Home Hub, these are the devices we recommend as the control point for your home security.  Our personal preference was for the Google device, as we found it to be far more reliable and generally easier to use.

Smart Cameras

Both indoors and outdoors, our IP cameras connect to your hub, via your WiFi router.  You can control the cameras straight from your mobile phone, altering the position and the zoom.  Some cameras are suitable for nighttime use, too.

Smart Lights and Plug Sockets

Smart plug sockets really are fantastic things!  You can plug any electrical device – radio, TV, even washing machine – via a smart plug and then control it from your phone or Home Hub.  Just tell the plug to switch on and, voila, the radio comes on in your property, or the curtains open or close, of the TV comes on!  Sensible security from Y-Property!